Forum Announcement: Forum Guidelines

1. Swearing is allowed, but attempt not to use it. It, however, must not be directed at any single person.

2. No racism of any type; this includes jokes.

3. No overly abusive language; this includes non-swearing abusive language (threats, harsh malicious comments etc.).


4. No offensive content (pornographic, race/gender derogatory, gore).

5. No spamming (posting useless material repetitively).

6. No large pictures; post a link not the actual picture.

7. Do not post or mention links to sites which are associated with viruses, offensive content, or any malicious software.

8. Act mature.

9. Do not encourage others to break TeraPS rules.

10. No scamming or purposefully giving false information that may lead to damage to another player or account.

11. No stuff I shouldn't be doing clans or teams are allowed. No discussion of stuff I shouldn't be doing on these forums.

12. Respect other players. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Do not gang up on a person and nag them just because they just got denied a rank or had an unlucky investment. Help them!

13. No download links without prior permission. If you wish to post a link to downloadable material, you must contact an administrator so that they can check it for encrypted malware and post it for you.


14. Illegal activities; there can be no discussion relating to activities that are illegal in the real world, including the use of illegal drugs, threatening to hack/infect a computer.

15. Reputation points; the reputation points system should not be abused. Trading rep for rep is not allowed and can result in your reputation being locked at zero.

16. Multiple Accounts; do NOT make multiple forum accounts. Doing so may result in a ban of both accounts. If you need your name changed, contact an administrator. If more than one person uses your computer to access these forums, you need to notify an administrator directly beforehand. You will not be allowed to give each other rep points.

17. Staff Impersonation; do not attempt to impersonate forum staff in any way. This includes choosing a name that includes the [ADMIN] tag, choosing an avatar that includes the admin badge, choosing a name that is similar to an administrator, or claiming to anyone that you are a member of staff.


18. Size Guidelines; 250px high by 600px wide at the most. If you're in doubt about the size of your signature then ask somebody. Smaller is always better. Signatures that violate said standards will be edited without warning.

19. Animated .gifs or flash; animated .gifs are allowed with a limit of one image, if the gif is a reasonable file size. Flash is not allowed.

20. Links; links off-site or to other places in the forum are fine as long as they're clear about where they go. No shortlinks or obfuscated links are allowed.

21. Outside Site Advertising: All outside sites are not permitted without Admin consent. Links in forum threads, responses or PMs are not permitted without ADMIN approval. This includes but is not limited to other forums, other sites not supported by SE, and personal websites not associated with SE. Infractions will lead to stripping of status and immediate removal.

22. Referral/Money/Point Links: Absolutely no linkbucks links, signatures with referral links or any kind of referral links at all, rapidshare links, etc. You're not allowed to post anything that you get any point or monetary benefit from. PERIOD. This especially applied to signatures but posts will be checked also. All posts/signatures/etc. will be edited/locked/deleted without warning.



Failure to comply to these rules will have its consequences. For example, any moderator at any time may kick, ban, perm-ban any user that breaks any of the rules stated above. The moderator will tell you what rule you have broken, and failure to stop said action will result in a more serious punishment each time. You will be warned and in all cases informed of the duration of your punishment.


Rules are subject to change, it is therefore down to you to check them!

Most importantly, when using our website have fun, and meet new people!

The TeraPS Staff