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a few more suggestions
so i decided to make another suggestion post because i got a few suggestions from other players anda few more myself.

as said in the last suggestions topic i know a smal dev team can only do so much and i really appreciate the work you guys do.

so lets get to the list.

1. add extreme range and extreme mage potions.

2. fix venom from zulrah items and immunity with the serp helm.

3. add different bonuses for different days in the week, suggested was a 3x bloodmoney day, 3x money day, 3x pvm points day, 3x  boss points day, 3x droprate day.

4. add the revenants.

5. fix bank tabs so they dont collapse anymore when logging in.

6. take another look into the saradomin drop rate since alot of ppl go really really dry on getting or not even getting one drop from commander zilyana.

7. allow players to decant noted potions.

8. a way to note and unnote items for ultimate ironman.

thanks again for taking a look at mine and other player suggestions.
and let me know what you think about them in the comments down below.

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