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Early's Intro.
Hey good afternoon ladies and gents, I’m Early! My names actually AJ so I’ll let you decide on what you want to call me by! A little background on me; I’m 23 and an active duty Marine, currently serving as a recruiter. Been on two deployments in my career so far as my primary job of Amphibious Assault Vehicle Crewman. On those two deployments I got to see and do a ton of things so feel free to ask me any questions about them. I started playing Runescape roughly 2004 time frame as a kid and have been hooked ever since. Been apart of the private server community’s since the original “RS3” hitting dummies to train for hours on end. I just decided to leave a project I started funding back in February 2018 due to the fact that my buddies there are well off now and I felt my time had come to an end. I stumbled across this gem randomly and now I’m hooked. It takes me back to the days I love. But anyways, I’m married with my first baby girl on the way due this June.

I could honestly go on for days about my life experiences and knowledge but I’ll let you guys ask what you want as we build this servers community together!

Thanks so much for your time,

I apologize for not following the format.
Welcome dude!

Wow a girl i feel sorry for the future boyfriend xDDD
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