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Server/Client Update [21/02/2019]
Hi guys sorry I haven't been using this much however I will start from today on wards! 

For those of you who are new to Tera this is where we will be posting all updates, patches and any other changes we make to the server or client to keep you informed and keep the suggestions going! 

So lets get cracking since the changes made have been scattered a little in terms on when I will for now simply list everything that has been done since December! 

  • We have changed the shops a little bit for the mean time in order to give players more of a sense of achievement when purchasing items for that bonus xp or drop rate

  • We have added Mother Load mine and the corresponding shop (currently working on some more exclusive lootables for the shop)

  • We have added ornate rej pool to the home area seeing as the 'Nurse' was a donor only perk which we don't really want to encourage

  • Added our own custom discord bot to the server which allows players to earn credits which will be convertible to Gold or blood money, credits are earned through various discord and in game achievements, we will also be adding discord gambling options with the use of these credits!

  • Increased bank space to 750 (I Know this is in the Arkitori/Oasis release but it wasn't in the Valius release

  • We have patched the graphical glitch with rooftop agility, now you wont be walking on top of a void! 
  • We patched the silly bank tab issue! 
  • We have also patched the client text lag issue :/ sorry about that one it took a while for no reason

  • We removed the Trivia bot completely as it was pretty pointless and just spammed the chat

Some small changes I have made are item prices and high alchs have been modified to reflect the economy, Twisted Bow has been reworked with the correct OSRS formulas. 

and here are some things we are working towards doing by the next patch. 
  • Add pay-dirt to the achievements list
  • Fixing farming patches not appearing to grow 
  • Re-work the donation system in order to cut prices for donating and increase natural grow within the economy
  • Rework the Woodcutting shrine as currently impossible to cut redwood :/

Well that is all for now, I will be taking a week off of work early next month where I will be able to roll more updates and patches out in succession to each other!

Thanks for reading, 
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