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[Accepted]Null - Staff Application
Yo wassup guys, I'm sure you've seen me around the server!

I've decided to apply for staff (for the future) - just handing in my CV for the pile, early. :p 

In-game name: Null aka Jack (Irl) aka jack21.0 (Discord)

Age:21 - Feb 7th 

What is your timezone: UK - GMT

How long have you been playing: so since the new source and a few days in the older source Smile 

How many hours do you play a day: Hard question hahaha, Uhmmm at least 9/10+ hours a day?  Huh

Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes state for what) Never, not even on previous servers..

Do you have any staff experience from any other server: I've been administrator for a few servers (may they rest in peace) one that lasted 2 years, I played for around 7/8 months till its end. the other server had a smallish community of around 15 people daily, I've been moderator a long while back for a custom server & also a large server (wont mention any names) and informative staff in a fair few servers.

Do you have a working microphone: I do yeah, if needed I don't mind using it!

What languages do you speak: English

Why do you feel you should be accepted to our staff team? (50 words minimum)

Well I'm a dedicated person, I enjoy helping people on a regular basis (to the best of my knowledge), I'm always online as much as possible! I'm friendly, mature and calm/collective - I feel I could help Leon out whilst he's busy coding, letting him focus on his creativity etc! I've got a lot of knowledge from playing RS over a span of 12 years, I've tons of Experience, I don't abuse my commands/pick fights or choose sides. I also like to get to know everyone in game, hopefully I will do and hopefully get to PVM or skill with you guys in the future!!

Thanks guys!  Big Grin Cool
Thank you for your application very nicely executed! Please allow up to 2 days for us to make a final decision
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(03-17-2018, 04:19 PM)Gildarts Wrote: Thank you for your application very nicely executed!  Please allow up to 2 days for us to make a final decision
No problemo man!
Hello Null!

Thank you for your application, we are delited to say that your application has been accepted!

Welcome aboard!

Please see PM (if applicable) for further information.
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