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Leons Art Log
Just wanted to show off some drawings I made, so ill probably be updating this every other day or so.
So please enjoy Big Grin
Going to put a * by the new uploads.
I do not give anyone permission to use my art in their sigs or anywhere else without my consent
Requests that are made will also allow you to put it in your sig - as long as i am mentioned Smile

[spoiler="1st upload"][Image: hisoka10.jpg][/spoiler]

[spoiler="2nd upload"]
[Image: kurapi10.jpg]

[spoiler="3rd upload"]
[Image: gon_by10.jpg]

[spoiler="4th upload"]
[Image: black_10.jpg]

[spoiler="5th upload "]
[Image: 1numbe10.jpg]
Upload 6 was requested by Cybrog360,<-- only person allowed to put this in his sig, btw its a cyborg ninja Tongue
[spoiler="6th upload"]
[Image: 12343510.jpg]
Upload 7 was requested by Gintoki. He is also the only person allowed to put this in his sig.
[spoiler="7th upload"]
[Image: 1121gi10.jpg]
Upload 8 was made for Leakee therefore he is the only person allowed to use it in his sig.
[spoiler="8th upload"]
[Image: leakee10.jpg]
Upload 9 was made for Adri therefore he is the only person allowed to use it in his sig Big Grin
[spoiler="9th upload"]
[Image: image112.jpg]

[spoiler="10th upload"]
[Image: image10.jpg]

[spoiler="11th upload"]
[Image: img_1310.jpg]

[spoiler="12th upload"]
[Image: img_1311.jpg]

[spoiler="13th upload"]
[Image: img_1312.jpg]
This one took me over a week to do an I've also colored it, which i usually don't.
[spoiler="14th upload"]
[Image: img_1313.jpg]
This was requested by Phileep therefore he has the right to use it in his Sig or Avatar Smile
*[spoiler="15th upload"]
[Image: img_1316.jpg]

[spoiler="16th upload"]
[Image: gonn_b10.jpg]
I have given Gintoki and Adri the express permission to use any image on my art log to be used by him as long as I am mentioned, anyone who also wants to have such permission contact me how ever you feel suits Smile
[Image: jinx_forum_signature_by_outcry16-d6o8xdb.png]
dang youre talented, I suck at drawing lol

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