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[Accepted]patience staff application
In-game name: Patience

Age: 19

What is your timezone: UTC-4

How long have you been playing: 4 weeks

How many hours do you play a day: depends on my school scedule, usually 4-6 hours

Have you ever been muted/banned: no

Do you have any staff experience from any other server: yes 2x admin,
 1x mod,
 1x server tester,
 1x server helper.

Do you have a working microphone: yes

What languages do you speak: english, dutch

Why do you feel you should be accepted to our staff team? i know what it takes to be a staff member and i enjoy helping people and keeping the server enjoyable for everybody.
"i know what it takes to be a staff member" - Could you please elaborate on this? Just edit your existing one or use Mara's one as an example.
[Image: jinx_forum_signature_by_outcry16-d6o8xdb.png]
Thank you for your application, we are delighted to say that your application has been accepted! You will be promoted to Helper! We expect your best performance as a staff member in the future. 

Community Manager, Mara.

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