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[Accepted]Heath's Staff Application
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In-game name: 


What is your timezone: 
GMT - 6 (Central US)

How long have you been playing: 
3 Weeks

How many hours do you play a day: 

Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes state for what) 

Do you have any staff experience from any other server: 
Yes. Owner of 3. Admin on 4. Mod on 6. Support/Help on several others.

Do you have a working microphone: 

What languages do you speak: 
English, Java, html/php, BASIC.

Why do you feel you should be accepted to our staff team? (50 words minimum)
I have loads of experience with the RSPS scene. As mentioned earlier, I have held many staff positions on other servers, as well as ran my own. I am a natural leader; During the five years that I have been in the workforce, I have committed myself to one company and have grown as an individual to the point that I have landed in a respectable position where I lead 20+ individuals on a daily basis. What is noteworthy of this experience is that I have worked closely with hundreds of unique personalities and know what to expect from people and how to handle many kinds of situations; I teach, train, and resolve conflict on a daily basis.

Some qualifying attributes i attain are:
Problem solver
Critical thinker

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